Welcome to the Highscor.es Forum!

What Is HIghscor.es?

Highscor.es allows you to host high score competitions with any rules you want. If you’re into weekly battles, one-off tournaments for events, or even hosting a season full of battles with all your own rules, then this is the place for you.

Ok, buy why?

Many players don’t want to compete on a global scale. Sometimes is more fun to compete with a select group of friends, and sometimes it’s best to compete on a large scale. This is a great place to do all of that. It’s high score battles, tailored just for you!

We created this forum as a place for any and all discussions about battles, high score competitions, and general gaming fun. While this site is primarily focused on retro gaming, all eras of gaming are welcomed with open arms.

Please keep the dicsussions civil and fun, and together we can make this a great place to hang out!